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Justice for the Damned

MEDIEVAL MYSTERY: On a remote East Anglian coast stands Tyndal Priory, home to a rare monastic order where men and women live and work together in close proximity. Twenty-year-old Eleanor of Wynethorpe has been appointed prioress by Henry III over the elected choice of the priory itself. Young and inexperienced, Eleanor will face a grave struggle - in a place dedicated to love and peace, she will find little of either.

JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED: May 1272: Recovering from a near-fatal winter fever, Eleanor visits her aunt at Amesbury Priory, who asks her to investigate a ghost people claim is haunting Amesbury. When a local man is found beheaded, Eleanor realizes she's dealing with a human killer, not an otherworldly spirit and strives to unravel the truth from the rumours, lies and foiled passions of the townsfolk and the nuns and monks of the priory alike. And strive she must, for Death's scythe is still sharp and its harvest is far from over.

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