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The Mallorca Connection

This is the first in a trilogy of humour-spiked mysteries from the author of the award-winning SNOWBALL ORANGES series of Mallorcan travel books.

Bob Burns is his own man – a dogged Scots detective with a droll sense of humour, more interested in catching crooks than bootlicking his way up the promotion ladder. So, when his enquiries into a bizarre murder are blocked by his bosses, should he risk his career by carrying on with the job in hand regardless? Abetted by a stunning-though-maverick forensic scientist, and ‘assisted’ by a keener-than-bright young constable, Bob does it his way. The trail leads the trio from Scotland to Mallorca, where intrigue and mayhem add unexpected excitement to a fisherman’s fiesta.

Important places

Mallorca (23)


Baleares (56)


Spain (1,881)

Other geographical areas

Balearic Islands (54)
Southern Europe (7,123)