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A Safe Haven

Sussex coast, England, 1763. As lovely young widow Sarah Huxley celebrates her 21st birthday at the family seat of her uncle, Lord Endor, the celebrations are interrupted by an invited visitor: the notorious pirate Black Robbie, and his pirate crew. By the time Robbie has collected his spoils from the guests, it is clear to Sarah that this is no common cutthroat, and that there is an attraction between them which is mutual. So when Sarah subsequently discovers that her uncle has decided upon her second - and unwanted - husband, she finds Robbie to be her unlikely saviour as he helps her escape, taking her with him to sea. On their return, now very much in love, Sarah and Robbie find a safe haven near the Lizard coast in Cornwall. But trouble is round the corner. Will Robbie ever be able to claim his Scottish inheritance - as Robert Argyll?

Important places

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (408)


Cornwall (1,679)
East Sussex (372)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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South East (2,496)
South West (2,602)