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Street of the Five Moons

What did it mean? The note with the hieroglyphs was found in the pocket of a man lying dead in an alley. The only other item of interest on him was a piece of jewellery, a reproduction of the Charlemagne talisman, but so well done that Vicky Bliss thought she was being shown the real thing. The gold work had been done by a master craftsman; the stones were of top quality synthetic...Vicky didn't know what it meant yet, but ion the sundrenched streets and moonlit courtyards of Rome, she was going to find out - if the dangerously exciting Englishman didn't get in her way!

Important places

Munich (237)


Roma (1,363)
Bayern (604)


Italy (5,202)
Germany (3,818)

Other geographical areas

Lazio (1,399)
Southern Europe (7,123)