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The Original Sin

From the international bestselling author of THE MASK OF TIME and THE SEVENTH MOON.

It all begins with The Original Sin...

Mercedes Eduard--rich, powerful and still beautiful--lives quietly on her Costa Brava estate, her turbulent past behind her. Until the package from America arrives: the graphic photo of her daughter Eden, and the impossible demand for ten million dollars.

This is no ordinary kidnapping. Its roots go back beyond the Spanish Civil War to an original sin which has shadowed three generations and now links its heirs in a twisted chain of revenge.

Will it end in damnation or salvation?

Triumph or tragedy?

The answer lies in a passionate love story, an ancient mystery--and a secret which will change lives forever.

Also by Marius Gabriel:

‘A sexy, gripping thriller that doesn't miss a beat.’
Kirkus Reviews

‘Few thrillers have as strong a sense of atmosphere and adventure as this fascinating tale.’
Chicago Tribune

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Costa Brava (2)
Santa Barbara (84)
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Prescott (7)
Beverly Hills (77)
Tucson (85)


California (7,435)
Arizona (1,022)
Barcelona (270)
Madrid (230)
Gerona (21)


United States (64,950)
Vietnam (638)
Spain (1,881)