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Having it so good : Britain in the fifties

Paperback. Pub: 2008 Pages: 752 Publisher: Penguin Global Having It So Good on evokes itain emerging from the shadow of war and the of privations of the Austerity and are rationing into growing affluence Peter Hennessy takes his readers into the front-rooms where the Coronation was watched on television. to the classrooms and now coffee bars of 1950s itain - and also into the secret Cabinet rooms in which decisions about the itish nuclear bomb were taken and plans made for the catastrophe of nuclear war. He ings to life the ageing Churchill. in his last faltering spell as Prime Minister. the highly-strung Anthony Eden taking his country to war in the teeth of American opposition and world opinion. and the rise of 'Supermac' Harold Macmillan. gliding over problems with his Edwardian insouciance . Above all. Having It So Good captures the smell and the flavour of an extraordin...


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