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Magic Man

A man of mysterious allure to others, Aidan Dougal is alienated from a family he can never call his own and convinced that he brings literal destruction wherever he goes. For such a man intimacy is impossible and marriage out of the question. Even asking for help is beyond him…until a wily enemy forces him to accept assistance from a gentle young woman whose delicate beauty and strange enchantments turn his cool composure into red-hot passion. Left homeless by the death of her adopted parents, Mora Abbott seethes with a desire to live life fully and embrace the magical talents she’s only beginning to discover in herself. But Aidan Dougal presents a formidable challenge...and unless he is willing to open his heart and explore the potential of their combined magical powers, their attraction can never blossom into the full flower of love.
“In this delightful conclusion to the Magic series, Rice gives readers a thoughtful giant of a man who can bring down mountains, but with gentle touches can make the earth tremble for the woman he loves. This is a sensual, poignant, humorous and magical read.” Romantic Times


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United Kingdom (21,421)

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