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Shifting Through Neutral

Paperback. Pub the Date: May. 2005 Pages: 320 in Publisher by: HarperCollins Publishers Not yet a woman yet more than a little girl. Rae Dodson. is caught with their pants up in her family's drama. Of Her hip older sister. Kimmie. Whom her mother favors. Has moved from New Orleans to join them in Detroit. a city that moves as if in synch with the Stevie Wonder tunes that play giddily from new automobiles fresh off the factory lots. Her bid whistplaying mother is as nervous as ever. and her father's chronic migraines seem less responsive to medication. And while they all occupy the same house. they might as well be living separate lives. When the tenuous peace finally eaks. Rae must decide where her loyalties lie: should she choose her emotionally distant mother. whom she adores . or her affectionate but needy father Rae does choose and launches into a rich. loving relationsh...

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