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Hill towns of Italy

This is a unique travel book. It tells of the Italian hill towns that are steeped in history and describes their antiquated narrow streets and architecture. To each of the hill towns, the author has given a symbol of its unique singular qualities. Most of the hill towns are in Tuscany and Umbria, but there others that overlook the Mediterranean and some are very high in the Sicilian and Alban Hills. Using this book would give the tourist one of the most rewarding and different tours of Italy.

Important places

Orvieto (16)
Urbino (31)
Gubbio (5)
Arezzo (6)
San Gimignano (3)


Pesaro e Urbino (42)
Terni (19)
Siena (285)
Arezzo (16)
Perugia (131)


Italy (5,202)