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A Thousand Bells at Noon: A Roman Reveals the Secrets and Pleasures of His Native City

Paperback. Pub Date: 2003 Pages: 272 in Publisher: the Harper Perennial G. Franco Romagnoli was a mere youth when he left Rome for America where he made a name for himself as a cookbook author. television personality and restaurateur. But the love of his native city ought him back to Rome for an extended stay. allowing him to rediscover the sights. smells. and sounds of this urban paradise. In A Thousand Bells at Noon. Romagnoli shares with readers his visceral and emotional experiences in Rome : its ancient streets and modern shops; it parks; cafs. and hidden gardens; its grand public squares and sacred spaces. As he relives moments from his childhood. reconnects with old friends. and sees through new eyes a modern city ...


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