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The Death of a Constant Lover

Lust and Literature

Academic politics turn steamy at the State University of Michigan when Delaney Kildare--a buffed, studly graduate student--starts making waves among the faculty. What's his story? What does he want? What will he do to get it?

Amateur sleuth Nick Hoffman, an English professor, finds his career and his happy menage with writer Stefan Borowski suddenly threatened by the turmoil spreading around Kildare. Where does it all lead? Scandal and murder, of course.

"Nick Hoffman mows does intellectual pretenders with scathing wit."
The New York Times Book Review

"A witty and devastating backstage view of college life."
San Diego Star-Tribune

"Darkly amusing...This is sneaky, subversive fun."
Publishers Weekly

"Elegantly skewers ivory-tower pretensions, petty politics, incompetencies, and hypocrisies...A delight for confirmed and new fans alike."

"Surprising and deeply felt...Raphael's strongest work yet."
Kirkus Reviews

"A stylish mystery with an intimate look at the jungle of academia...Witty, impeccably written."
The Mystery Review


Michigan (1,031)


United States (64,950)