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Funeral Music

To the ancient Romans, the healing waters of Bath belonged to the goddess Minerva. Today they belong to the gods of commerce, as tourists teem, shops prosper, and the incense of gourmet food rises to the English skies. Among the throng is Sara Selkirk, a world-class cellist who came undone in a Paris performance. For Sara, taking a break from performing has given her a chance to look at whats missing from her life and even at a case of murder. The killing occurred in the famous Roman Baths, and the victim was the museums director. Knowing several people close to the investigation from a potential suspect to a detective who cajoled her into giving him cello lessons Sara discovers a talent for making sense of things. But like a Bach fugue, the pattern she grasps is more complex than it seems. And as she moves down a trail strewn with secrets and damaged lives, a chilling story begins to emerge: of greed, envy and a killer performance that may not be quite finished yet. (Large Print Edition)

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