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Night Magic

Combining elements of Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast, this is a modern fairy tale for adults. A beautiful, sensitive young girl falls in love with a brilliant older man who is so profoundly scarred both physically and emotionally that he literally cannot face the light of date. Despite his deep apprehensions, he allows her to enter his world of darkness, where they communicate their love for each other through music. Fearful of what he most craes, Erik nevertheless becomes convinced of Marisa's love. He nurtures and tutors her as she matures from girl to womanhood, while she, in turn, teaches him to trust and gradually coaxes him into the light.

"Night Magic develops a hypnotic, erotic rhythm that, if you succumb, will rock you all night long." New York Post.

" … Her situations are intense, her characters unique. In this latest endeavor Erik and Marisa are memorable … Anyone not a fan of Ms. Allen already will be after Night Magic." The Pittsburgh Press


Connecticut (867)


United States (64,950)