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For Better or Hearse

Paperback. Pub Date: 2006 Pages: 272 in Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Iced! Wedding planner extraordinaire Annabelle Archer is On used to dealing with difficult personalities - neurotic ides. The despotic withmothers. And prima donna idesmaids However being chased from a swank in hotel kitchen at knifepoint by a shrieking Chef Henri takes the cake. Soon after. Washington's most thoroughly despised culinary artist is discovered dead. impaled on an ice sculpture - a crime which surprises no one. since revenge is. after all. a dish best served cold . Unfortunately. the police think the hotel's sometimes temperamental but always stylish catering exec (and Annabelle's good friend) Georgia Rhodes did Henri in - so the planner and her posse set out to put the real murderer on ice. But when the corpse of a rival culinarian turns up in a walk-in freezer - and more nasty chef-de...

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