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Travels with a Medieval Queen

In 1185, the 32-year- old Constance of Sicily, a princess with the most magnificent dowry Europe has ever seen, was betrothed to the 21-year-old Henry, cold-hearted son of the great German Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa. Eight years later, the Sicilian throne lies empty and Henry and Constance (pregnant for the first time at 40) travel south to stake their claim against the usurper Tancredi's family. It is this journey that Taylor Simeti retraces, along the way contrasting medieval society with modern, capturing what the life of the medieval queen must have been like, exploring the idea of travel and pilgrimage, and expressing, above all, a deep empathy for her subject.

Important places

Palermo (30)
Bari (10)


Bari (26)
Caltanissetta (306)
Palermo (37)


Italy (5,202)
Germany (3,818)