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DCI Jarrod Fiscer series

From Book 1: Why was an elderly man murdered on DCI Jarrod Fischer’s patch?

This question leads Jarrod Fischer into the history of the murdered man and what he discovers is the sordid past of a Nazi SS unit.

Kurt, a young German Corporal in charge of an SS unit is retreating through Poland and they come across a village. When one of their unit is killed they are in no mood to take sympathy on the villagers. In a fit of rage, the SS massacre everyone.

The SS continue their retreat and Kurt finds Bozka, a young Polish woman.

Once they reach safety, the two marry. Kurt and his new wife start a journey together through the danger of the Battle of Seelow and when the opportunity arises, he takes the identity of a dead soldier. Kurt and Bozka manage to find journey’s end at his parent’s home. After a brief meeting with his mother, Kurt surrenders to the British. He uses the name of a dead soldier to hide from justice.

Years later, Kurt and his wife Bozka, have moved to England to start a new life in Brighton.

This is when DCI Fischer finally begins to unravel the past.

Important places

Brighton (156)


Brighton and Hove (169)


United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

South East (2,496)