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Last But Not Fleeced

Set in Atlantic City, NJ in 1972, LAST BUT NOT FLEECED, is debut author and New Jersey native Mike O’Malley’s first in a series of funny, paranormal mysteries

Stan, a full-time psychic and part-time amateur sleuth, knows firsthand that the Boardwalk is anything but boring. How could it be when tacky tourists, looney locals, and the spirits of the dearly departed are as plentiful as shells on the beach?

But all is not well. An ex-con is in town seeking revenge on Stan’s acquaintance, Pinky, and is also plotting scam, for good measure. Worse, he’s reached out to the darker side of the psychic community for help.

Stan reluctantly agrees to get involved, as does his pulp-detective-loving girlfriend Mo. Mo’s as quick to pick up on a hot lead as she is to deliver hard-boiled parody lingo. Also on the case is Stan’s spirit-helper—the ghost of the wildly popular 1960s DJ Fabulous Frankie who only speaks in rhymes and delivers his clues as riddles, just like he did on his old radio game Fabulous Frankie’s Hanky Pankies.

But when the case takes a dangerous and personal turn, Stan calls on his psychically gifted friends to help before everything he holds dear goes out with the tide.

The hilarious mystery takes readers through Atlantic City’s dive bars and swanky nightclubs, pizza joints and fancy restaurants, and down the Boardwalk and up back alleys. It’s a fun romp at the Jersey Shore in a time before cellphones, personal computers, and the internet.

Like Mo said, "this case has more twists than a Chubby Checker concert.'"

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