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The Mars Migration

Nominee in the Arthur C Clarke awards, 2023 for Science Fiction.

"A thrilling and imaginative science fiction novel that is sure to capture the reader's attention."

Two huge anomalies have been suddenly erected on the Earth’s surface, one in Canada and one in the UK. Everything and everyone beneath these anomalies are frozen - paused in time, with no access in or out of these areas – which are over a thousand square miles each. Governments of the world are scrambling to find out who or what could be responsible for something like this. The effects of them are being closely observed and tested. Meanwhile inside these “bubbles,” one young woman in Canada and one young man in the UK, are seemingly the only ones unaffected by the time-pausing effects. When they seek to investigate a strange object - which seems to be responsible for these anomalies - they are torn away from their homes and taken to a strange, dark system of worlds beyond a black hole. Told they will not be returned home due to the energy required, another of the factions who are at war with their captors, reaches out to offer a helping hand in return for a favor. Can this new faction help Amber and Daniel to get home? And at the same time gain access to Mars in the past? Desperate to get their people back into the light space, they must help Amber and Daniel to get back and free their loved ones at any cost.

Important places

Darlaston Lane (1)
Fordhouses (1)
Coven (1)
The Lunt (1)


Wolverhampton (19)
Staffordshire (38)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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West Midlands (2,407)
Midlands (2,795)