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Jamie and the Tree Troll

There aren't no such things as tree trolls! - said Jamie (aged 7) when his uncle came to visit and said it was tree trolls who had been stealing food from their backpacks when they went for walks in the old dark woods surrounding the family's cold great mansion perched on the South Downs up the rutted winding track from Underhill Lane and overlooking Ditchling in Sussex.

Names of places, if true, tell stories. Which legends, themselves, have names renowned too. We always look forward to one we’ve not heard. And now we edge close to where it begins.

Jamie and the Tree Troll. A story of living memory, with truth in its pages, a legend of Saxon heroes and their forgotten battle on Brighton beach, and real magic too.

Important places

Clayton (1)
Ditchling (2)


East Sussex (372)
West Sussex (108)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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South East (2,496)