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The Seasons of Grace: The Unauthorized Backstory of Peyton Place

“I am trapped,” she screamed silently, no one in the room hearing her inner pleas. “I am trapped in a cage of poverty and mediocrity and If I don’t get out I will die.” Only the sound of her typewriter could be heard that night echoing throughout the shack that she had called home.

Grace Metalious had penned her infamous novel Peyton Place, which had taken the young wife and mother from obscurity in a small New Hampshire town, to the top of the literary world in the 1950’s. Her life, like her writings, were a whirlwind, creating havoc and controversy with every strike of the typewriter key.

The Seasons of Grace is an unauthorized tale of Grace Metalious and her desire to tell the stories that no one dared to tell before that time. From small town life in New England to the hustle and bustle of New York City and to the unforgiving film studios of Hollywood, Grace’s story unfolds. This is a classic scenario where art imitates life and so does this story. The young author is coping with literary and financial successes. The author without realizing it, was creating her own Peyton Place where she herself had to live.

No novel had achieved greater recognition than her first. One out of every 29 Americans had read Peyton Place. They would dog eared the pages, underlined there favorite passages, stuffed it in the back of a drawer to concealed it from the prying eyes of others. This novel was a true sensation in both the literary world and helped form popular culture as we know it. The legacy is lastly and continues to this day.

It has been nearly 65 years since the release of her novel in 1956. The Seasons of Grace is a fictional account based on the author’s life; sometimes dark, sometimes shocking, but always authentic.


"Riveting tale of a star is born in the writing community of small town New Hampshire. Dodge does an excellent job portraying a woman who could not comply with the conformity of being a woman, wife and mother in the 1960's. I found myself in conflict rooting for her success but also praying she'd get her life together. A brilliant read! I loved every page." Dawn O'Conner - Redmond, Oregon

"What a great read from the first page to the last! The style of storytelling is as if the author were speaking the story. The book is very well-researched which lends verity to the story. I felt sadness, compassion, and frustration with the characters. This is a sign of a well-written work which brings the characters alive. I definitely recommend The Seasons of Grace; I am confident you will enjoy the read." Arna Bronstein, Pittsboro, North Carolina

"I read Seasons of Grace in less than three days. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it back down. The writing style is descriptive, colorful and enchanting! The story, although fiction has lots of fun facts about both Graces life and her family at the time. I loved the book, it took me on a journey back in time and it was magical. Emotional and amusing, the story has all the elements of a great read. From the first few pages it drew me in and kept me wanting to know more and more. I highly recommend this book." Christine Chu, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

"Grace Metalious's writing style allowed you to feel the New England weather, experience the hometowns she lived in and the tragedies and triumph's she encountered. The Seasons of Grace has continued this same style of writing to include the original author's plights and pleasures. Details are very well researched and penned in a way that not only keeps the reader interested and informed, but shows the author's knowledge and partnership in her stories. It's very well written and easy to follow and the reader can follow each of the character's movement. Whether you are a fan of Peyton Place sagas or not, its really enjoyable read and I certainly recommend The Seasons of Grace. Patrick Greenwood, McKinney, Texas

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