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Torn Edges

Torn Edges is a riveting mystery story linking modern day Glasgow with 1920’s Ireland. When a gold coin very similar to a family heirloom is found at the scene of a Glasgow murder, a search is begun that takes the McKenna family, assisted by their Librarian friend Liam, through their own family history right back to the tumultuous days of the Irish Civil War. The search is greatly helped by the discovery of an old family photograph of their Great-Uncle Pat in a soldier’s uniform. The McKennas quickly realise that despite their pride in their Irish origins they know remarkably little about this particular period of recent Irish history. With Liam’s expert help, they soon learn that many more Irishman were killed, murdered, assassinated or hung during the very short Civil War than in the much longer and better known War of Independence. And they learn that gruesome atrocities were committed by both sides, atrocities in which the evidence begins to suggest their own relatives might have been involved.

Important places

Cork (40)
Donegal (14)
Letterkenny (1)
Tralee (5)


Glasgow (235)
Cork (39)
Kerry (35)
Donegal (15)


United Kingdom (21,421)
Ireland (2,156)

Other geographical areas

Ulster (41)
Munster (211)
Scotland (1,340)