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Noëmi's Reckoning

Noëmi McAllister is out for love…
Life is good; an exciting new job, great friends, a promise of romance.
Then a face from the past returns into her life, opening old wounds.
Noëmi McAllister is now out for revenge…
Her clever plot rebounds brutally and her life is plunged into turmoil. However, she is not the only one out to get even and the vines of vengeance become entwined in this tale of scheming people.
Noëmi finally has to face the results of her reckoning, but in the end, who will get what they deserve?

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Here's what readers of the book have said:
  • 'Entertaining, entertaining, entertaining!'
  • 'A great new author I'd not read before but I'll definitely go for more of these books. Really looking forward to the next one'
  • 'Superb! A highly, entertaining read.'
  • 'This book made me laugh, cry and feel warm inside.'
  • 'I completely fell into Noëmi's world and I CAN'T WAIT to read the sequel'
The Scheming People series:
Noëmi McAllister is a secondary school teacher whose life is never quite like other people's. It's no surprise that when she dabbles in the dark world of scheming people, she painfully learns her lesson. However scheming people are all around and over the five years covered by this trilogy Noëmi comes across them far too often.

The Scheming People series by K McCity:
  • Book 1 Noëmi's Reckoning
  • Book 2 Noëmi's Shadow - out autumn 2021
  • Book 3 Noëmi's Torment - out 2023

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