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Normal For Glastonbury: Life in England's Most Magical Town

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to live in Glastonbury? You’ll find all the answers in this collection of articles featuring insightful, affectionate and often humorous observations and anecdotes from over 30 years of life in England’s most magical, and oddest, town. Where followers of over seventy faiths peaceably coexist, fairies have Balls and Goddesses gather at conferences. Glastonbury is a small Somerset market town, but it’s also known as the Isle of Avalon and the Heart Chakra of the World. Here ley lines converge and the Red and White Springs bubble up at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, an iconic hill rising majestically from the flat landscape of the once flooded Levels. Central to the town you’ll find the ruined Abbey, famed as the cradle of Christianity in England and the burial site of King Arthur and Guinevere of legend. The author hitch hiked to Glastonbury in 1988 for a free festival on the Tor and moved there in 1993. She paints a vivid picture of the town and the joys and frustrations of living in a place that has attracted pilgrims, free-thinkers and mystics for millennia. She reveals the relationship between Glastonbury Town and the nearby Glastonbury Festival, the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world. The book features a colourful cast including witches, hippies, alpacas, vegans and largely tolerant Somerset locals. It’s illustrated with some, not terribly helpful, maps and includes a short story that explains why Glastonbury has an awful lot of ley lines, but no stone circles. Many of these essays were originally published as posts in the popular blog ‘Normal For Glastonbury’. They have been polished up and added to, to offer distraction free reading. First published in May 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic the book also touches on life in Glastonbury in lockdown. Foreword by Glastonbury based author and educator William Bloom. one of the world’s leading practitioners and experts in spirituality and wellness

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