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Two unremarkable young men are suddenly subjected to the incredible stress of a life-or-death decision. The resulting adrenaline surge creates an immediate emergency response. that eventually catapults them into international politics and the world of ‘targeted killing’, or assassination.

STIV (22) and BOB (24) had been friends since school. They had shared the heady days of being young bucks together, girlfriends, their first cars, pubs, and overall, they shared their passion for rifle shooting. This passion ranged from shooting wild game for the pot, to blasting tin cans and other targets. The two friends are unworldly but possess extraordinary shooting skills. Their journey from local Cumbrian town ‘boys’ to becoming international criminals is great personal cost to their family, friends, and finally to their own lifelong friendship.

Genre and Style

This book introduces a new writing genre; SCROVEL.

SCROVEL is a virtual movie that plays in the reader’s head, while they read. The unique visual imagery and dialogue impact is generated from a direct relationship between the writer and the reader, unlike a movie, which is the product of a dedicated team. SCROVEL is a powerful storytelling genre which freely and unashamedly draws from its two ‘parents’, the Novel and the Screenplay – two entirely different beasts. The Novel is a freely expressed fictional narrative of a story, and Screenplay is a visual description of a story that is intended to be seen on-screen.

Relevance to Today’s Society

Political Assassination can change the course of society’s political journey. The number of political assassinations has risen to record levels in recent decades.

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Barrow-in-Furness (7)
Ulverston (1)
Walney Island (1)


Cumbria (310)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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Irish Sea (48)
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North of England (7,026)