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Alice hasn’t been home for a while – for seven years, in fact. But when her little sister Lo tries to take her own life, she has to return to the life she left behind. The change of scenery from London to Norfolk proves quite the culture shock, however, and Alice has to confront what she left behind all those years ago.

The sisters’ relationship hasn’t evolved in Alice’s absence, and when she steps through the door she’s plunged back into the same world she escaped from. Set against Norfolk’s bleak landscapes, but masquerading as childhood nostalgia, Fridge is an all-too-familiar exploration of the broken promises of youth, and a bitter exposition of a generation left behind.

'Zadow offers a powerful and thought-provoking look at the intricacies of memory, nostalgia and the tribulations of early adulthood.'

James Bell A Younger Theatre

Emma Zadow is an actor, playwright and screenwriter from Norfolk whose screenplays include the short films The Cromer Special and Jigging.

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