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Finding Rose

Finding Rose is a quest, a mini-saga about a village lad meeting a beautiful gypsy girl and the obstacles they encounter as they strive to fulfill their common destinies.
Discover how two people embark on a journey without knowing how, where, or with whom it will end. Will they survive as one? or apart? And what did happen in Rose's life in the seven missing years? Answers to that are in the next book but, meanwhile you might want to speculate during a fascinating read of this one.
Perhaps you will discover your own story in theirs? If you do, why not compare yours with how they navigated their path through life? And if your own saga is only part-way run, you may find some wisdom here to help you - if you need it. There are no real answers here on how to deal with what life has thrown at you, just as no-one could really help John and Rose. Nobody knows the answers to all the questions concerning love and life. I certainly don't. Otherwise novels like this would never be written.
But on this occasion you can be the judge.Author's Note: For those of you looking for a 'new adult' novel about two people overcoming their clashing cultures to find true love, then this is for you. I have never read 'Romeo and Juliet' (what an admission!), nor would I compare this story with that, but I do explore the complexities that often present themselves to late teens and twenties as they embark on life 'for real'.
Romantic mysticism enters the lives of more people than we may care to admit. It does here, but without the trappings of horror or menace. Rose and John are, themselves, a benign force and, although their journey is not without sadness and heartache, their perseverance towards fulfilment remains undaunted.
As with simpler journeys on the road or in life, it's what happens on the journey that intrigues and enriches, rather than the arrival at the destination.

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