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Bailey Jacobs: First Series, Episodes 5 to 8

Solving crimes was meant to be fun.

A mysterious newspaper predicts the future with impossible accuracy and amateur sleuth Bailey Jacobs jumps at the chance to investigate.

But her fun turns to fear when the paper announces her death and she discovers a twisted plot driven by hate.

Suddenly sleuthing has become a serious business and as she sidesteps the law in search of answers, Bailey confronts a faceless enemy who has a burning need for revenge.

Now there's only one way to apprehend the faceless man and survive in one piece ... set a trap ... one so daring it's almost certain to backfire.

Set in the rolling hills of Surrey, England, this semi-cosy mystery delivers a lively blend of crime and humour that entertains to the very last twist.

This book includes the second four episodes of the First Series ...

Episode 5 - Bailey Jacobs and Tomorrow's News

Episode 6 - Bailey Jacobs and the Unsavoury Sponge

Episode 7 - Bailey Jacobs and the Third Batsman

Episode 8 - Bailey Jacobs and the Missing Money

Important places

Aldershot (5)
Farnham (9)


Hampshire (229)
Surrey (137)


United Kingdom (21,421)

Other geographical areas

South East (2,496)