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The Tambu Ground

Laugh, cry, look under the bed. Peer down through the sago bark. Smell the tropical breeze. But whatever you do - don't put the light out!! For every dreamer, a touch of the Pacific, for every Islander, a touch of home. The Tambu Ground breaks the boundaries of stereotype Pacific Islands fiction. "Yes," said Jimmy quietly. "He should have died. He made a mistake too, of course. He went for you with a knife. He should have sat in his house and owkred up the spirits. Nobody can bash a spirit's head in. But that's what he'll be doing now. That's what he's doing with Tanaka's dress. He's going to scare her to death. She'll …" Jimmy's theory was cut short. The house suddenly shook as Tapu's fist crashed through the cement sheet wall.

Important places

Honiara (2)


Malaita (2)
Guadalcanal (78)


Solomon Islands (138)

Other geographical areas

Melanesia (454)
Small Island States (3,004)
Oceania (8,442)