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Candles, Carts and Carbolic: A Liverpool Childhood Between the Wars

Candles, Carts and Carbolic is a warm, witty, poignant story of growing up in Liverpool. Born in 1911, Jim Callaghan was raised in the working-class, Irish-Catholic neighbourhood of Scottie Road, where 'We didn't have any money problems - we had none!' Life was tough, but children knew how to make their own entertainment: 'Away from school, pain-racked fingers and demoniacal teachers, we lived our young lives to the full.' He played ollies, skipped lekkies and fished in grids for lost coins, all the time at the mercy of the fearful powers around him - the police, the church, school teachers, the man in the pawn shop, and his ma! This wonderful book is about hard lives, but it is also about strong, funny, resourceful people, who made up satirical songs and coped with life through much Scouse wit. A gritty, human account Local history at its very best Fascinating to read & essential to record Readers of all ages will be captivated


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