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Forbidden Dreams: Book Two of "Secrets Of The Damned"

"Love, love, love this book. Couldn't put it down. Lot's of twists and turns. the plot was brilliantly written, with lot's of mystery and intrigue. Can't wait for the author, Jim Shaw to write more." Vera McNally,CalgaryAB_________________________-"They always said the sequel can't compare to the original...wrong...this book continues the suspense of the original and will make you again want to learn more secrets of the damned. Well worth the read to all horror fans. Sink your teeth into this one and continue to have your eyes glued to every page." Michael Green, Woodstock,NB__________________________________________This is a story of forces, of the dualism that is our world. This is where life and death are but extensions of each other. For anyone who has ever wondered if vampires are real, they are. Does evil walk among us? It does.____________ So, as it is with all legends, myths and tales, a truth lies within its core. Sometimes it is a dark truth, frightening, chilling, and devouring those who dare to peel away the layers and look upon the face of true terror. To find out if good always conquers evil, you must first enter the dark world of the damned.

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