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Now that lesbian marriage and lesbian couples are stepping into full recognition by culture and society, there is more pressure to succeed as a couple – and potentially a family. There is also the invitation to fill the age-old institution with a new spirit and new forms of living.

When you fall in love, you want love and sex, as well as passion and intimacy to be around forever. And why not? Whether you are in a committed lesbian relationship, on the path to marriage or already married, you want to make sure your sexual attraction will never fade. You would like to receive all the blessings of marriage: sex and romance, closeness and tenderness, honesty and harmony… until death do you part.

We all know that keeping sex and romance alive is not a piece of cake. Let this book help you along in the spirit of frankness and humor. You will find stories, reflections, and “love & sex forever” tools.

Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Forever Kit offers couples:

•Realistic and effective guidance to keep sex and romance hot
•Shrewd advice and handy tools for the major challenges of lesbian marriage
•Fun lists of what to do and not to do when faced with these challenges
•Taboo-breaking revelations about what really goes on in bed
•Encouragement to see the anxieties and pitfalls of lesbian marriage with humor
•Reassurance that the new pressures to succeed in lesbian marriage can be met creatively

Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal are relationship experts, award-winning and bestselling authors who have written extensively about women’s issues, love and sex. In Lesbian Marriage: A Love & Sex Forever Kit, their eye-opening insights illuminate long-term lesbian relationships and the new potentials of lesbian marriage.

Order a copy of this groundbreaking, taboo-smashing book today and keep the spark of passion and romance in your relationship alive for years to come.


"Smart, honest, amusing and with plenty of light-hearted drawings, Lesbian Marriage is one of the first books I've seen that deals primarily with lesbians who have officially tied the knot. Tired of preachy, overly long relationship manuals that aren’t any fun to read? Then pick up a copy of Lesbian Marriage. Parts of it are designed like a comic book, reminding me of Dykes to Watch Out For: The Marriage Edition."
She Magazine

"The book's bottom line is also its very first: "You care about your marriage; you want to keep your love alive and passionate." With warmth, wit and a wealth of wisdom, this refreshingly realistic look at relationships is perfect for any marriage: gay or straight, legal or not. Designed for couples just starting out as well as those who have been together for eons, the guide's practical 6-by-8-inch format makes it perfect to keep stashed in a backpack, glove compartment or nightstand."
San Francisco Examiner

When you have a sex and marriage guide co-written by award winning best selling authors, life coaches and relationship experts, AND they've been together for 28 years - you can be pretty assured you're getting the good oil on how to make your relationship last." Curve Magazine

"Partners and co-authors Chernin and Stendhal offer a savvy, sprightly and refreshingly down to earth guide for those married or contemplating taking the plunge." Lavender Magazine

"No pressure is exerted on couples to be sexual. Instead, the overall intention is to help us 'recover the body's lost capacity for pleasure,' which means being open to a multitude of ways of expressing affection and intimacy." Lesbian Connection

I like surprises. And (almost) nothing is better than a good book that takes me to an unexpected place. Huffington Post

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