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Cats Do Eat Spaghetti: Living with our Rescue Cats (Italian Trilogy)

This is the third book in Paul Wright's 'Italian Trilogy' set on Lake Como...‘Cats Do Eat Spaghetti’ is very interesting and entertaining experience about living with rescue cats and Italian village culture in general. In this delightful book about adopting feral cats that through patience and hard work become domesticated will make your heart feel better for having read it: The early chapters take place in England. They then move abroad, to a couple of beautiful medieval villages on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy, to where Paul and his wife emigrated in 1991. ‘Cats Do Eat Spaghetti’ includes the last twenty seven years of their relationship whilst living alongside not only their adopted indoor cats but also with the local feral cats that will evoke pleasure and sentiment within the heart of the cat lover. .

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