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Blue Blood On The Border

Damon Balor is a young man making his way in the world alone. Having become an emancipated minor, he is free after years of being physically abused and molested as a boy. As he gets older, we see that Damon has made a success of his career in law enforcement, and he becomes everything society perceives a strong young man should be. An abused child who has overcome his demons and now spends his adult life helping people. He is admired and respected; at least this is what the outside world sees. Except Damon is not who he appears to be. He doesn’t fit in with society. Damon likes to hurt people.

Damon believes he is mentally ill; he hears voices in his head and has always had these psychopathic tendencies throughout his life. But this was caused by the years of abuse, so it’s okay that he enjoys hurting other people; he was molested, beaten and tortured, and now he is only inflicting his pain onto others. Instead of helping those he comes into contact with as a cop, he does unspeakable things to them. He enjoys it and he isn’t going to stop. Why should he? It’s not his fault.

As time goes on, the voices in his head begin to get stronger and Damon begins to discover that his evil acts aren’t the result of mental illness or the abuse he suffered as a child. It is something much more sinister, something that has been in the making for thousands of years. The voices are far more real than simply figments of his imagination. Damon begins to discover who he really is, but his crimes are beginning to catch up with him. He is being hunted by two special agents from the FBI, and they seem to know far more about him than he does.

Who is Damon Balor? And what is his purpose on this earth? Can he be stopped from the unspeakable acts of violence and will he get his comeuppance?

From the author of Dark Shadows and Catastrophe, comes the latest work of James Keenan, Blue Blood on the Border. James Keenan tells a supernatural, gripping horror story that will leave you constantly looking over your shoulder.

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