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Do You Come Here Often? The Meeksville Connection: The Ups and Downs of a Sixties Rock Band

Recording with Joe Meek, backing Billy Fury, summer seasons with Marty Wilde and Adam Faith, encounters with The Kray Twins and bleak journeys to remote venues - all the highs and lows of a recording and touring band are detailed here... Robb was a member of three groups, all managed by legendary producer Joe Meek. This book is a fascinating insight into the world of sixties music. Robb shares his memories of Joe Meek - his recording techniques and a whole lot more. Major label recordings were issued by The Saxons and The Tornados but hidden gems lie unreleased in the legendary Meek Tea-chest Tapes. The stories of sharing the bill with other groups and established old school variety artistes at summer season shows are numerous and insightful. Illustrated by many photos this is a marvellous roller-coaster read hurtling through the heady days of sixties rock and pop groups and jam packed with reminiscences. The title of the book is taken from "Do You Come Here Often" the single by The Tornados which was acclaimed to be the first openly gay pop record release by a UK major record label.

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