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Fake Bride with Benefits

Fake marry the bad boy who broke my heart 8 years ago?
Trust me, I know how crazy it sounds.
But today that bastard came back.
And now, tying the knot is the only way to get the cash I need for my bakery.
Unfortunately I don't believe in second chances. Especially not for Hunter Thorne.

Hunter's ripped, dangerous arms and sinful hands shouldn't be allowed anywhere near me. The absolute last thing I need is a fling with an infuriating, sexy-as-hell, tattooed bad boy who already broke my heart once.

But I don't need Mr. Right to get this money.
I just need Mr. Right Now.
And guess who's staying on my couch?

I'm not the naive schoolgirl I used to be. Fake brides don't fall in love for real, and I won't fall for the inked bad boy a second time…...

…... If only my heart would get the message.

Because pretending shouldn't be this easy.
And saying goodbye shouldn't be this hard.

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