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The Double Image

While carrying out research in Paris, American historian John Craig is surprised when he runs into his old college professor. Sussman is a worried man. A survivor of Auschwitz, he is in shock, having seen and been seen by one of the Nazis who tortured him in the camp. But SS Colonel Berg has been dead for ten years – or has he? Before Craig can help solve the riddle, Sussman is found dead and Craig is being questioned by the police. As various international organisations are drawn into the hunt for Sussman’s killer, he realises that the ex-Nazi is far more than just a wanted war criminal.

Soon Craig’s search for the truth takes him from Paris to the island of Mykonos, where he must unmask a dangerous and powerful foe.

“The hallmarks of a MacInnes novel of suspense are as individual and as clearly stamped as a Hitchcock thriller.” -The New York Times

“The queen of spy writers.” -Sunday Express

“Helen MacInnes can hang up her cloak and dagger right there with Eric Ambler and Graham Greene.” - Newsweek

“More class than most adventure writers accumulate in a lifetime.” -Chicago Daily News

“Helen MacInnes is totally original. No-one writing today creates more realistic, more credible characters than she does.” -Alistair MacLean

Important places

Athens (366)
Mykonos (9)


Paris (3,057)
Notio Aigaio (102)
Attiki (392)


France (7,260)
Greece (1,635)

Other geographical areas

Cyclades (50)
Balkans (2,385)
Ile-de-France (3,166)
Southern Europe (7,123)