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Germany, October 1944: For the Thousand Year Reich, time is running out. Desperate to avoid the humiliation of unconditional surrender, German intelligence launch Operation Finisterre—a last-ditch plan to enable Hitler to deny the savage logic of a war on two fronts and bluff his way to the negotiating table. Success depends on two individuals: Stefan Portisch, a young German naval officer washed ashore on the rocky coast of Northern Spain after the loss of his U-boat, and Hector Gomez, an ex-FBI detective, planted by J. Edgar Hoover in the middle of the most secret place on earth, the American atomic bomb complex at Los Alamos. Both men are unaware of the roles assigned to them by German intelligence. Both will find themselves fighting for survival as Operation Finisterre plays itself out.

Important places

Lisbon (125)
Chihuahua (22)
Ensenada (7)
Los Alamos (45)
El Barquero (1)


Chihuahua (53)
Baja California (84)
New Mexico (810)
La Coruña (63)
Lisboa (135)


United States (64,950)
Mexico (1,563)
Spain (1,881)
Portugal (564)