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Midnight Revenge

From the New York Times bestselling author of Midnight Captive, the latest Killer Instincts novel is "off-the-charts-hot"* romantic suspense that takes readers into the heart of an enigmatic mercenary...
Out of all the stone-cold mercenaries in Jim Morgan's black ops organization, Derek "D" Pratt is the most intimidating. He is tight-lipped and covered in tattoos, and even the other guys on his team are afraid to ask him about his past. D's been off the grid for years, but after his teammate Sullivan is mistakenly captured in his place, D is forced to come out of hiding and face his demons.
When D lands in Mexico, he's ready to risk everything to save his friend. To complicate matters, Sofia Amaro, a feisty doctor whom D had a one-night stand with months ago, has tracked him down. And in an instant she's unintentionally caught up in his life-threatening rescue mission.
Now D must extract not one but two people from the most violent world he's ever encountered. And one of them is carrying his child...

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Cancun (47)
King Island (1)
Porto (14)
Wilmington (19)


Nome (20)
New Castle (22)


Oaxaca (27)
Porto (14)
Delaware (162)
Pennsylvania (4,458)
Alaska (1,096)


Mexico (1,563)
Portugal (564)
United States (64,950)

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Bering Sea (39)
Sierra Madre Del Sur (57)
Allegheny Plateau (173)
Caribbean Sea (223)
Iberian Peninsula (883)
Appalachian Mountains (1,111)
Southern Europe (7,123)