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Did Lizzie Borden Axe For It?

Who murdered Andrew and Abby Borden? The Lizzie haters say: "If Lizzie is innocent, why didn't the killer kill her too? Why didn't she see him in the house?" while the Lizzie lovers say: "Andrew had enemies; and besides, Lizzie couldn't have accomplished the murders so cleanly." On Thursday morning, August the 4th 1892, in the safe and sleepy mill town of Fall River, Massachusetts, Andrew and Abby Borden were savagely hacked to death in their home. Their upstanding and respectable younger daughter, Lizzie, was suspected and tried for their murders but was acquitted of the crime. If she was guilty, one can say she severed her family ties in the bloodiest way imaginable. If she wasn't guilty, she is one of the most maliciously maligned innocents that criminal history has ever seen. Unlike most books on Lizzie Borden (which have a theory or agenda), this book instead poses the strongest clear factual arguments for why Lizzie may be either guilty or innocent, without any biased conclusions on the author's part. It also includes striking rare new revelations and anecdotes about Lizzie's private life, in addition to known facts being presented in a new way, and many rare and previously unpublished photographs.

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