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The Farther I Walk, The Closer I Get To Me

Paperback. Pub Date :2014-05-01 Pages: 304 Language: Chinese Publisher: Nova Press to go farther away from their more recent is a Chinese girl with a foreign boyfriend backpack walking Hongmei Indian Journey depth migration. Within a year four into India. traveled East and West India. me and Tom in the most peace of mind to accept everything. Rose beautiful building is sometimes shocking. sometimes pious locals infection. sometimes because of the sudden encounter battered. sometimes lazy. lying by the beach in the sun. Boy teasing moments before being teenagers. kidnapped and murdered in the slums of Mumbai. the next moment a stroll in the Ganges. the Taj Mahal at Red Fort Yaokan. washing the dust in the holy river in Varanasi. This village on the cliff marvel beekeepers brave and vigorous. which Walled suffered appalling cow urine drink wine. The end of mortal life and vita...

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