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Stranded in Vietnam

In 1967, the Vietnam War was escalating quickly, with increased hostility and ever-increasing numbers of US soldiers, sailors and airmen being sent in to stem the tide of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army regulars into The Republic of Vietnam. Into this confusion came Pvt. Carl Wittbecker, a young product of white, middle-class America who, having barely made it through high school, wasn't able to figure out how to avoid military service. In Vietnam, he joins the thousands of other 'support' soldiers stationed at large military bases performing various administrative tasks they are told are crucial to the war effort. This book follows Private Carl as he relates to his family how he worked his way in and out of situations in Saigon and Da Nang through a series of letters home and how he tried to readjust to civilian life upon his return to America.

Important places

Ho Chi Minh City (51)
Richmond (3)


Madison (8)


Delaware (162)
Kentucky (814)
Hồ Chí Minh city (52)


United States (64,950)
Vietnam (638)

Other geographical areas

Cumberland Plateau (211)
Indochina Peninsula (557)
Appalachian Mountains (1,111)
South-Eastern Asia (2,613)