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Twilight Visitor

Twilight Visitor, the International Political Thriller, is gaining popularity with its powerful message, posing critical questions about the future of our world. When an energy-desperate China invades Iran for oil, Iran shockingly retaliates with a nuclear warhead aimed at Beijing, and mankind is suddenly faced with its ultimate vulnerability. As the EU, America and other nations try to avert the imminent disaster, one man, a bioengineer who is vacationing on the shores of Portugal, and one mystery woman, a strange visitor who compels him to use what he knows to avert the debacle, are the only hope to stopping the nuclear war as world leaders stand helpless. says this ..."Twilight Visitor is quickly becoming a cult classic on Amazon..."

Reader Views says ... "Readers will be on a rollercoaster from the beginning and will remain glued to the pages until the end of this amazing story, which promises a possibility of a sequel."

Novelist, David Luddington says ..."Twilight Visitor is a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins."

Amazon top reviewer, Grady Harp says ..."RĂ©al Laplaine entertains the reader but far more important he challenges us to consider the very plausible presence of off-worlders and draws our attention to significant issues we should be addressing - all in a language so eloquent that is mesmerizing."

Important places

Afife (1)
Washington (2,453)


District of Columbia (2,676)
Beijing (301)
Viana do Castelo (2)


China (2,041)
Iran (446)
Portugal (564)
United States (64,950)