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Seated Above Looking Below

Can you feel it?  The deep is calling to the deep. Sometimes, when I write, the words just seem to flow like a raging river, and other times I struggle. I find that the best poems nearly write themselves. I think it's inspiration from the Holy Spirit that causes these words to flow. This, to me, is the deep calling to the deep. It's the indwelling Spirit of God inside me that connects on a heart-felt level. When this happens, I write! This book contains almost 200 poems that were written in moments of deep inspiration.

The Scriptures

I simply adore the scriptures
Those ancient writings of old
Collected into a canon
Oh what a book to behold!

It tells us of creation
And the chosen people's story
The battles, the passion, the miracles
And the Jesus Christ, of glory

It tells us of poetic wisdom 
And the teachings from up above
Given unto the church
From the God of eternal love

Holy men of old were moved
By the Holy Spirit, now and then
To pen the wonders of the scriptures
So let the Word dwell richly within.


My Meditation

Lord Jesus, this morning I meditate
As a new day, I now greet
I meditate upon your Holy Spirit
And my meditation is sweet

I meditate here in your presence
As I begin this sacred hour
So that throughout this day
I'll sense your guidance and power

I meditate upon your holy word
Each day, I tend to begin
To study to show myself approved
And to allow the word to dwell richly within

Lord Jesus, this morning I meditate
I then begin to pray
Be still and know He's God
In silence, begin each day


It Only Takes a Couple Minutes

It only takes a couple minutes
To close your eyes and pray
To ask God to take the lead
And guide you through the day

To be ushered into His presence
To be still in quiet prayer
To experience the beautiful silence
In knowing that God is there

It only takes a couple of minutes
To allow God to break the strife
Of our noisy compulsive routines
Our meaningless rush through life

Then your day will go much better
As you sense Him throughout the day
It only take a couple of minutes
To close your eyes and pray.


Summer Dusk

The sun is descending in the west
Slowly, it surrenders with grace
But as it sinks, it leaves it's beauty
Across all of time and space

For the skies are full of color
Mists of orange, of red, of pink
And shades of green drape the clouds
As darkness is in the brink

Summer dusk can be reflective
As you bask in yonder glory
And those breezes, spawned from nowhere
Whispers of another day's story

The night slowly begins to dawn
The colors disappear from the sky
And one by one, the stars appear
And add to that glory on high


Why I Have Been Chosen

Why I have been chosen
I guess one day, I'll know
For as I now grow older
Fascination only tends to grow

Jesus said, "many are called"
But chosen are just a few
So why have I been chosen?
God, I haven't a clue

Broad is the way to destruction
Narrow, the way to life
And yet, I feel His presence
Beyond all this earthly strife

I sin and fall short each day
But God chooses in divine election
In the ages to come, we'll realize
Predestination, in His selection


Long Ago, in a Different World

... Long ago, in a different world
You'd see people everywhere
Skating on lakes, on ponds, on rinks
But now, no one is anywhere

And you'd always see lots of children
In the winter season, far and wide
Making snowmen, throwing snowballs
But now everyone stays inside

Long ago, in a different world
We would sled and toboggan in the snow
But now in this age of the internet
That world seems so long ago

And today,  as I walk through thewinter season 
It all seems so silent and still 
Maybe I'll just go home, and turn the computer on
And stare at the silence, through my window sill

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United States (64,950)

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Appalachian Mountains (1,111)
New England (5,830)