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Ritual Bronzes of Maharashtra and Karnataka Including the Bhuta Region

184 entries contained in 182 pages, with colour illustrations, many full-page, printed on heavy 80lb stock. An extremely well produced book on Indian bronzes which contains exceptional photographic illustration. The record of a collection gathered together over 40 years, together with contributions of essays and photographic material defining Bhuta religious practices by Cornelia Mallebrein, PhD. Chapters include: Introductions - Ganesha - Rider-Figures - Mukha-Linga - Mukhavta: facial masks - Demon Scarers and Monster Masks - Devi, including Parvati, Gauri, Lakshmi and Durga - Hanuman - Utsava-murti: portable festival images - Miniature Bronzes - Visual Communication With The Gods - Bhuta masks and deities - The Power of the Mask - Animal Figures in Indian Art - Nandi - Palanquin Covers - Plus glossary and bibliography. Most of the bronzes illustrated in this book have been donated to the Peabody-Essex Museum, in Salem Massachusetts, and will be the subject of an exhibition in 2009. 9


Karnataka (42)
Maharashtra (170)


India (1,945)