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Queen Mab

McDougall Previews Award for Best Fantasy Book of the Year
WINNER - 1st Place Fantasy Book, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Awards

Cruel? Merciless? Do not judge me. Hell hath no fury as a faerie queen scorned. And Faunus,the god of daydreams, played me for a fool. He disguised himself as my lover to steal my sacred bull. The only appropriate response to such a slight is war.

But what battlefield shall we chose? There are two families in Verona, one named Montague, one named Capulet. They have two simpering children, Romeo and Juliet. We shall each choose one, and whichever family annihilates the other will mean a win for Faunus or me.

But there is a soldier named Mercutio...
He is different...
He makes me feel different...
If anything were to happen to him...
I would crack the world.

USA TODAY Bestselling author Kate Danley brings the mythology of Queen Mab back to her original Shakespearean roots and weaves a swashbuckling, dark fantasy around the fairy bringer of dreams.

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Verona (44)


Verona (45)


Italy (5,202)