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Kingdoms Fall - The Laxenburg Message

The Kingdoms Fall series tells the story of the First World War from the perspective of two British officers recruited into the fledgling Secret Intelligence Service. As David Gresham and James Wilkins pursue their missions for Great Britain, they see (and some times cause) events that shake the very foundations of Europe. David Gresham, a British Lieutenant from Manchester who has fought on the front lines at Ypres, and Captain James Wilkins, youngest son of Lord Bartlett, are recruited into the fledgling Secret Intelligence Service following the British landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915. Gresham and Wilkins undertake a series of missions that indirectly spark major events in the war. In the first novel of a three-part series entitled Kingdoms Fall: The Laxenburg Message, Gresham and Wilkins travel to Greece to prepare for the British landing at Thessaloniki, rescue Serbian King Peter, and plot to undermine the Hapsburg dynasty in Austria-Hungary To learn more about the Kingdoms Fall series and the First World War, please visit the companion website at http: //

Important places

Verdun (40)
Laxenburg (1)
Corfu (66)
Gelibolu (155)
Thessaloniki (31)


Çanakkale (155)
Kentriki Makedonia (37)
Meuse (48)
Ionioi Nisoi (86)
Niederösterreich (120)


Austria (1,825)
Turkey (564)
Serbia (122)
Greece (1,635)
France (7,260)