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One For The Money - The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy - Book 1

The first book in the exciting Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy series.

Flirty, Frisky, Frantic and Frightening…"One For The Money" is just plain thrilling!!!!

The Detective Macaulay Murders Trilogy pitches good against the ultimate in evil in a wonderful blend of tension that sizzles amid murder, chaos and mayhem.

''One For The Money'' features Bo Harknett; a Sadist who preys on one of New York's finest -

NYPD Detective Finkel Macaulay, the daughter of the NYPD Police Officer who put Harknett away years earlier.

Harknett wants his revenge - at any price - and he'll take it in any shape or form.

The story continues in ''Lay Lady Lay'' and concludes in ''Albatross.''

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