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Pandora's Box - A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case

'Pandora’s Box' brings NYPD’s Detective Macaulay her next homicide case when a guest is found murdered at the Colton County Hotel in the Adirondack Region of New York.

The body is drenched in blood and has extreme facial injuries, which obscure any identification of the victim to be made.

Macaulay is on vacation at the Colton County Hotel alongside FBI Special Agent Nick Benson, and takes to the investigation of the murder, with FBI Agents Ben Thomas and Diane Hepworth, who are also on vacation with them.

The victim’s identity is made, and slowly exposes a secret that was best kept hidden; as its devastating effect on the Colton County Chief of Police’s family brings irreparable damage to their bond.

When a small box is found stuffed into the victim’s throat the case takes a dark turn towards envy, greed, and lust before Macaulay can run down the suspect.

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New York (7,391)
Quantico (17)
Columbus Circle (1)
Washington (2,453)


Virginia (2,431)
District of Columbia (2,676)
New York (9,763)


United States (64,950)