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The Turk Who Loved Apples: And Other Tales of Losing My Way Around the World

While writing his celebrated Frugal Traveler column for the New York Times, Matt Gross began to feel hemmed in by its focus on what he thought of as “traveling on the cheap at all costs.” When his editor offered him the opportunity to do something less structured, the Getting Lost series was born, and Gross began a more immersive form of travel that allowed him to “lose his way all over the globe”—from developing-world megalopolises to venerable European capitals, from American sprawl to Asian archipelagos. And that’s what the never-before-published material in The Turk Who Loved Apples is all about: breaking free of the constraints of modern travel and letting the place itself guide you. It’s a variety of travel you’ll love to experience vicariously through Matt Gross—and maybe even be inspired to try for yourself.

Important places

Ho Chi Minh City (51)
New York (7,400)
Tangiers (69)
Venice (842)


New York (8,072)


Venezia (843)
New York (9,763)
Tanger - Tétouan (72)
Hồ Chí Minh city (52)


Malaysia (210)
Italy (5,202)
Cambodia (177)
Morocco (398)
United States (64,950)
Vietnam (638)

Other geographical areas

Er Rif (87)
Atlas Mountains (233)
Indochina Peninsula (557)
Veneto (954)
South-Eastern Asia (2,613)
Northern Africa (2,841)
Africa (5,755)
Southern Europe (7,123)
North Atlantic Ocean (8,812)