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The case of the pig in the evening suit

'A superior mystery trilogy emerges'
'Brilliantly different detective story'

The Dumfries Detective Trilogy is a thrilling, unusual, quirky crime mystery series.
Note - although it contains little or no swearing and no graphic sex, it is not a cozy murder/mystery.
The trilogy is best read in order as strands weave through each book, building to a grand finale.

When a dead pig, dressed in an evening suit, is found in a storm drain in the sleepy Scottish town of Dumfries, Jin cannot hold his curiosity at bay. He decides to investigate. It is a bad decision: it puts his life in danger.

Jin Johnstone is not really a detective: it’s just that people of the town come to him with their problems. Sometimes he charges for his services. It depends. It’s not as if he needs the money.

Already undertaking a task to find a missing son, Jin’s search through town, with its many colourful characters, brings him into contact with a beautiful and mysterious woman; a woman who fires up unprecedented and unwelcome desires in him.
Then another body is found.

Told in the first person, this high-paced, multi-layered, quirky murder/mystery drips with a distinct sense of place. Its many twists and turns evolve quickly into a thrillingly tense and topical story.

Important places

Dumfries (10)


Dumfries and Galloway (43)


United Kingdom (21,421)

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Europe (50,240)
Northern Europe (20,481)
Great Britain (17,707)
British Isles (19,064)